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3x4 Simultaneous ECG Report Patient Details Willy McKee Name: 123123 ID: Male Gender: Date of Birth: 1/25/1950 (61 years. QRS Diagnostic is a recognised name throughout the medical industry. QRS has revolutionized the cardiology and respiratory specialties with a commitment to producing the finest, most cost effective medical devices in the world. The QRS product range includes the Universal.

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The Biolog EKG is mobile, compact and simple to use. Ideal for emergency situations

The Biolog is a complete 12 lead EKG capable of recording one, six or twelve channels of diagnostic EKG data.
For an instant single channel EKG, simply press the Biolog to the patient’s chest for a quick “window on the heart”. Or connect the 6 lead or 12 lead EKG cable for a complete diagnostic EKG.
The Biolog EKG is mobile, compact and simple to use. Ideal for emergency situations, the Biolog is just as practical for routine on-the-spot checks as it is for acquiring and analyzing 12 lead EKG data

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The Biolog EKG comes standard with everything you need to acquire and analyze 12 lead EKG data:

  • Acquire 1, 6 or 12 leads of EKG data and print the report directly to a printer.
  • Free CardioView™ software allows you to download the data in order to store, review and print to Windows® based printers.
  • Get a complete analysis and interpretation using the advanced Louvaine algorithm (for 12 lead EKG).

Features of the Biolog EKG:

  • High definition backlit LCD screen visible in bright light and low light conditions.
  • Easy-to-use interface on a device that fits in your lab coat pocket.
  • 12 hours of use on two AA batteries.
  • Internal back-up battery ensures data is not lost.
  • Digital and analog communication capabilities.
  • Connects to PCs and most printers.
  • Uses the advanced Louvaine Algorithm for an automatic narrative interpretation.
  • Email reports with the click of a button.
  • Free 3-year Hardware Warranty.


EKG/ECG TypeRest

Additional Specifications

Display: Sweep Speed: 20 mm/sec ± 1mm/sec
Display Sensitivity: 5 or 10 mm/mV ± 0.5 mm/mV
Viewing Area: 40 x 48 mm
Pixels: 240h x 160w
Display Type: LCD
Backlight: Electro-luminescent
Sampling Rate: 6 or 12-Channel Cable: 500 Hz
Rear Electrodes: 300 Hz

Holter Monitoring Software


Download Qrs Diagnostic Driver Practice

Holter monitoring software has advanced tremendously in recent years. Most companies provide useful analysis software that can generate Holter monitoring reports quickly and accurately. Further, many Holter companies offer advanced reporting capabilities through smart ECG algorithms.

List of Holter Monitoring Software:

Master 9 from Applied Cardiac Systems, (ACS)

The Master 9 is the newest version of Holter analysis software from Applied Cardiac Systems. ACS is known for their proprietary analysis format that scans 5 minutes of ECG rather than beat by beat. ACS claims to have the fastest analysis in the industry.

Century Series from Biomedical Systems

BMS has made a name in Holter monitoring for their committment to advancing ECG analysis with their Century Series Holter software. Biomedical has experienced enormous growth in the clinical research sector in part due to their sophisticated Holter analysis.

GE MARS® ECG Holter Software

GE is known to have advanced Holter analyiss software with their Marquette ECG analysis program. The MARS ECG analysis software is designed to automate the process for all level technicians while producing fast & accurate results.

iQHolter™ Holter Series from MidMark

The iQHolter series Holter analysis software comes in several packages to accommodate various medical practicing environments. The iQHolter offers a program for general practice, cardiology and the most advanced Holter analysis software for the electrophysiologists.

Vision Series Holter Software from Mortara

Mortara uses the Vision series Holter analysis software that is well known in the industry from its predessor Burdick. The Vision series Holter analysis software has many advanced anaylsis features to generate accurate Holter reports for cardiology & hospital settings.

Phillips Holter Analysis Software

The Holter analysis software from Phillips is designed to accommodate all skill level technicians. Phillips is a big name in Holter monitoring particular in the hospital market segment as their Holter analysis software is flexible in integrating with a variety of hospital information systems.

LX Holter Analysis Software from QRS Diagnostic

QRS Diagnostic offers their LX Holter software to 5 levels of users. The LX Holter software is rich in features to generate clinically relevant analysis for their multi function Holter & event monitor.

HolterCare from Scottcare

HolterCare Holter software from Scottcare Corporation is a flexible platform with seamless integration into their comprehensive cardiac monitoring solution. Scottcare’s HolterCare software has advanced editing capabilities, superimposition and individual page view mode.

Pathfinder SL from Spacelabs

The Pathfinder SL Holter software from Spacelabs is the newest software in their long commitment to providing Holter analysis to cardiology facilities. The Pathfinder SL Holter software offers advanced analysis features such as ST, QT and Heart Rate Variability.

Welch Allyn Holter Software

Welch Allyn offers Holter analysis software to support their line of Holter monitoring products. Welch Allyn is known for providing reliable Holter analysis software at a competitive price.

Download Qrs Diagnostic Driver Test

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