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I got this info from this page.
  1. Download Primesense Driver Printer
  2. Download Primesense Driver Windows 10
  3. Download Primesense Driver Win 10
  4. Download Primesense Driver Windows 7
  5. Download Primesense Driver Download

Windows Driver Package - PrimeSense (psdrv3) PrimeSense ( is an application marketed by PrimeSense. Frequently, computer users decide to erase this program. Sometimes this is difficult because deleting this manually requires some skill regarding Windows internal functioning. Uninstall any drivers that mention 'Kinect', 'Xbox' or 'PrimeSense' via Window's Device Manager 2. Download the Packages. Download the relevant OpenNI/NITE zip file from the Simple-OpenNI downloads website. Search for 'All Downloads' to find suitable versions of OpenNI and NITE for Windows, Linux, and OSX. I recommend the following.
I was confused with different instructions for connecting Kinect to PC.
Actually I couldn't install OpenKinect drivers, but I come up with an
instruction 4 Dummies! :D
I would be glad if somebody makes something like this for OpenKinect.
Step 1
Uninstall any previews drivers, such as CLNUI, OpenKinect,....
Uninstalling a driver does not seem to be easy esp in case of OpenKinect
Step 2
Download and install the latest stable or unstable OpenNI Binaries from
OpenNI website.
There might be a security check message in this step and the next one. Don't
care and continue installing.
Step 3
Download Kinect Driver from the following link. The file name will be
Unzip the file and run
Step 4
Step 5
Plug in Kinect. Wait till Windows finds and installs the drivers. Check if
the camera and motor drivers are installed through Control Panel->System Driver
and..->System->Device Manager
Currently no driver for Audio available by Primesense, although there is one
provided by OpenKinect.
Download Primesense DriverStep6
Check OpenNI samples. NiSimpleRead just reads the data for the center of
view into a console window. NiViewer gives you a color coded depth view
what the Kinect is looking at.
Step 7
Download and install the latest stable or unstable OpenNI Compliant
Middleware Binaries (NITE) from OpenNI website.

Download Primesense Driver Printer

During installation, provide the following (free) PrimeSense key:
Step 8
Step 9
Replace xml files in C:Program Files (x86)Prime SenseNITEData and
C:Program Files (x86)OpenNIData with the ones in
avin2-SensorKinect-0124bd2NITEData and
Step 10
Checkout the NITE samples and have fun!

Download Primesense Driver Windows 10

Download primesense driversError: the procedure entry point xnproductionNodeRelease could not be located in the dynamic link library openNI.dll
Sol: Ok, It is a version issue after all. By using unstable release of OpenNI/NITE, and then re-install the primesense kinect mods solves my problem.

Download Primesense Driver Win 10

Nathan wanted me to share with you how we got the Kinect hookuped with Motion Builder. It's straight forward for the most part:
Go to to get the Application and plugin for MotionBuilder
And here are the specific instructions/drivers that Brekel needs for it to work with MotionBuilder:

Download Primesense Driver Windows 7

1) Make sure you have a separate power adapter for your Kinect, you'll need it.
If you bought a standalone Kinect it came with one in the box.
If you bought a Kinect with a XBox360 bundle you may have to order one from Microsoft.
2) If you already have Kinect drivers installed that are NOT from OpenNI, make sure you delete them from your system first!
For example the OpenKinect/libfreenect ones or the Code Laboratories CL NUI ones.
These usually show up under a 'libusb' folder in your Windows Device Manager, where you can also delete them,
3) Download and install OpenNI
Note that you want the stable version (v1.0.0.23), not the unstable one (v1.0.0.25)
4) Download and install the Kinect drivers
Run SensorKinect-Win32-5.0.0.exe file from the Bin folder
Note that you don't pull the one from the unstable branch, but the one from the master branch
(If you see an OSX and Linux installer in the bin folder you've got the wrong one!)
5) Download and install NITE (user tracking module)
Use this key during installation: 0KOIk2JeIBYClPWVnMoRKn5cdY4=
6) Make sure your Kinect is connected directly to your computer not through a USB hub
Your Windows Device Manager should look something like this:
7) Check if everything works by running one of the OpenNI samples:
C:Program Files (x86)OpenNISamplesBinReleaseNiSimpleViewer.exe
This should display a fullscreen videostream of the depth feed from your Kinect
8) If the sample works then you're ready to start Brekel Kinect 3D Scanner from your windows start menu.
If you have problems the OpenNI google groups are a great source for help and news:
Note: If your firewall asks for permission to open a port please hit accept.
This is needed for streaming the data across your local network, or between applications.
I got ask far as getting the Kinect work with the Brekel and MotionBuilder to recognize the Kinect. But I don't know how to use MotionBuilder so... currently stuck there.

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Download Primesense Driver Download

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Issues :
+ 'InitFromXml failed: Can't create any node of the requested type! '
'Kinect Camera' was not detected correct in the 'device manager'.
+ InitFromXml failed: Device Protocol: Bad Parameter sent!
2) Replace xml files in C:Program Files (x86)Prime SenseNITEData and
C:Program Files (x86)OpenNIData with the ones in
avin2-SensorKinect-0124bd2NITEData and
+ Got an error while reading network buffer: Xiron OS failed to receive a network buffer!
Replace xml files in C:Program Files (x86)Prime SenseNITEData and
C:Program Files (x86)OpenNIData with the ones in
avin2-SensorKinect-0124bd2NITEData and