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Orion ® Badger Meter offers Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) endpoint hardware options as part of the ORION ® product family, including mobile, cellular, traditional fixed network and migratable solutions. Apps for Android. Browse the internet, discover media, save data and block ads with UC Browser for android.

Our Software Solutions

Financial ManagementPractice ManagementFirm Management
Orion’s Financial Management software is the backbone of the Orion solution. Our numerous tools and flexible reporting help hundreds of law firms nationwide make informed decisions everyday. Orion’s Financial Management software is available through a traditional on-site deployment as well as a hosted, secure online Cloud solution. Already have a Cloud provider? Orion can also be installed in your Cloud.
  • Time Management
  • Billing
  • ePrebill Management
  • e-Billing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Credit Card Processing
  • General Ledger
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Employee Reimbursement
  • Trust Accounting
  • Expense Recovery
  • Account Receivable
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Imaging
  • Productivity Tools
  • Dashboards – Visual Analytics

Orion’s Practice Management software manages clients, contacts, cases, emails, to-do’s, docket, calendar items and documents. Orion combines a powerful and intuitive user interface with the flexibility and sophistication that your law firm needs for success.

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  • Contact Management
  • Smart Timers®
  • Docketing
  • Critical Date Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • Document Assembly
  • NetDocuments Integration
  • Case Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Worldox® Integration
  • Contact/Matter Relationships
  • Productivity Tools
  • Microsoft® Exchange Sync
  • Worldox Integration
Beyond Accounting, Orion provides complete Front Office Control. Today’s law firm has requirements far beyond just balancing the books. All of our management products are fully integrated to provide a complete Front Office and Back Office solution.
  • A/R Collections Management
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • File and Records Management
  • Self-Serve Report Customization
  • Event-Driven Alerts
  • Profitablility Analysis
  • iOrion® Mobile Application

Comprehensive Law Practice Management

Since 1985, Orion Law Management Systems has developed and implemented powerful firm management software that delivers rapid return on investment, increased profitability and reliable performance for hundreds of law firms nationwide.

Change to Achieve a Competitive Advantage
Transform your firm with a scalable, fully integrated software system that delivers up-to-the-minute information to your firm professionals, executives, and management team.

Change without Pain
Work with experts dedicated to your success. From your on-site kick-off meeting, implementation and beyond, you’ll always have a proven team by your side.

Change with Confidence
For over 35 years, law firms have depended on Orion to help build their practices, analyze business opportunities and deliver outstanding client service.


Download Orion Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver
We were looking for a time and billing software which placed a strong emphasis on financial reporting along with a user-friendly interface. Orion has an impressive user-friendly design and is fully integrated with other software such as e-mail, word processing and spreadsheets. We chose to switch to Orion because it offers flexible financial reporting along with other valuable features not found in our previous time & billing software.
Orion’s software has proved to be an asset to GTH. Orion has continued to advance the available features and functionality throughout the years. I was impressed with the addition of Orion ePay powered by LawPay, which immediately allowed our firm to reduce steps in processing client payments via bankcard and eCheck. It adds to the security of our clients’ information, gives them more flexibility when making payments to us, and also gives us complete visibility over our daily bankcard/eCheck transactions for fee receipts processing. The install for the newest upgrade of Orion was quick and easy, while the training for LawPay was user-friendly. Both Orion and LawPay have phenomenal customer service and I would recommend this new feature to others. Orion is becoming a one-stop-shop software program for law firms.
Director of FinanceGordon, Thomas, Honeywell, LLP (GTH)
The process of changing to a new Financial Management system can be a daunting one, but the Orion staff was able to make this a smooth transition for our firm. Orion was patient and very helpful with all of our questions, and took the necessary time to make sure that we were well-versed in all aspects of our new software system. The user-friendly interface, combined with powerful reporting capabilities, has already made a large impact on operations at our firm.
The User Conference was really great. Well done! Obviously everyone put in a lot of time and effort to make it happen. Thanks for hosting the event and for the support you and your team provides.
Dorough and Dorough has been an Orion client for many years now. We made the transition to Orion’s Financial Management Software once realizing we needed a more sophisticated and robust system at our firm. Over the years we’ve valued the quick, responsive support we’ve received from Orion’s staff, as well as the new features and advancements made to the software itself. We certainly value the benefits of implementing Orion’s software at our firm.
The firm decided to schedule a demonstration of Orion. It’s one thing to sit with a piece of paper and a pen, listening to abstract instructions and taking notes; it’s an entirely other thing to have someone on the phone demonstrating software to you on your own desktop. Orion’s staff was excellent working with us and very patient as we asked questions. It didn’t take long before our office manager and then all the partners wanted to take a look.
I love the iOrion Mobile App and use it all the time on my iPad. Now, I can be even more productive while I’m out of the office because iOrion lets me capture billable time, access client contact information and review/edit time entries from anywhere. iOrion is easy – it’s available instantly and eliminates the need to log-in to our remote desktop system because I can pull up the necessary data on my iPad through the iOrion App. Orion has done it once again – I’m thrilled with the iOrion Mobile App!
ShareholderClark, Partington, Hart, Larry, Bond & Stackhouse
Our firm reviewed several legal software packages in a search for a more efficient, streamlined, integrated, and reliable financial and practice management solution to replace our existing system. After a thorough review and due diligence process we selected Orion as the most robust and user friendly package within the legal software market. This all-in-one software package has greatly improved operations at our firm and we are extremely pleased with our decision to implement Orion’s Financial and Practice Management software. Orion provides us with great flexibility in our financial reporting. Also, the user-friendly integration with other applications, such as e-mail and word processing have been of great benefit to our firm.
We recently installed Orion’s Expense Reimbursement Manager at our company and it has saved us tremendous time as well as improved our consultants’ productivity and client satisfaction by effortlessly tracking and reporting expenses. Our entire reimbursement request process is now electronic and viewable in real-time. We especially like that the Reimbursement Manager generates alerts when a request has been denied or identified as needing ‘more information’. Orion’s system is a valuable timesaver that benefits everyone at the company.
ControllerFirst Annapolis Consulting / M&A Advisory Services

Download Orion Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Drivers

Collection time at our firm has been reduced by using Orion to quickly and easily accept credit/debit card payments. We are very impressed with Orion’s integration with OpenEdge®.
Controller/CFOCohen, Pollock, Merlin & Small, P.C.
We decided to make the switch to Orion because we were seeking an improved, more complete solution to financial management. We also valued the personal attention we received from the Orion staff. Orion’s capabilities allow us to complete tasks more quickly than before, and have helped streamline operations at our firm.
As a Shareholder at the firm, I have noticed that the integration has made our firm more efficient since it is easier to locate and manage emails, documents and images associated with our cases through Orion’s seamless integration with Worldox.
ShareholderClark, Partington, Hart, Larry, Bond & Stackhouse
We recently installed Orion’s AR Collection Manager at our firm and it has already saved us a lot of time. Our entire collection ledger is now maintained and updated electronically, and everyone at the firm can view collections status in real-time. We especially like that the Collection Manager can generate collections notices in either email or letter format, and that we can efficiently mark write-offs in the system. For anyone who currently uses a handwritten Collection ledger, Orion’s system is a tremendous timesaver that keeps excellent track of what actions have been taken on collection, for the benefit of everyone at the firm.

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Director of FinanceDickinson, Mackaman, Tyler & Hagen, P.C.

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Orion mobile phones are available for a wide variety, in India. Check out this section to go through the list of Orion cell phones and their review.

With an aim to become a dominant player in the Indian mobile industry, Hungarian-based electronic company ‘Orion’ continues to reach the typical Indian consumers, with its range of Orion mobile phones. Orion cell phones with dual sim technology are now a hit amongst those, who want to own the gadget for affordable price. Keeping in mind the heterogeneous needs of the consumers, Orion has categorized phones into Music Series, TV Series, Executive Series, Fashion Series & Essence series.

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