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Reality is a software environment that supports multiple MultiValue SQL-enabled databases on a single host and includes a range of powerful utilities for building, managing and accessing the databases.

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The release information in this document applies to Reality V15.0 for UNIX and Windows. Reality V15.0 adds new features and enhanced compatibility with similar database systems. Faults reported since the production release of Reality V14.0 have been resolved. See New Features in Reality V15.0 and Fault Resolutions for more details.

Reality V15.0 is supplied as a downloadable ISO image file or on a DVD. These both contain:

  • The Reality database software.
  • User documentation.
  • UNIX-Connect - networking software that provides communications between Reality databases and between Reality and host system environments.
  • Reality Remote Tape - server software that allows a Reality host to use tape units on remote systems.
  • PCSNI - client software that allows communication between a PC and a Reality database.
  • JReal - client software that provides the Java programmer with the ability to run Remote Basic subroutines and to write custom servlets to access a Reality database via RealWeb.
  • RealWeb - software that provides a web developer with DataBasic experience with access to data held in a Reality database.
  • RealSQL-JDBC Driver - client software that provides a standard API for Java applications, applets and servlets using SQL to access data.
  • RealSQL-ODBC Driver - client software that allows PC applications to access data using SQL.
  • RealEdit - a Reality editor that runs on Windows PCs.
  • Remote Basic ActiveX Control - a DLL that can be used in PC programs written in Visual Basic to run Remote Basic subroutines on a Reality database.
  • Reality and RealWeb demonstration software.
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A second ISO image file/DVD contains the Web Services feature (including the Jetty web server). This can be downloaded from the Reality website by selecting: Support > Downloads > System Components.

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Retirement Notice

This version of the software supersedes all previously released versions. Northgate policy is to withdraw support for previous versions six months after a new release. The relevant date for this software can be obtained from your Northgate representative or the Reality website.

Backwards Compatibility

Northgate attempts to make each new version of Reality fully backwards compatible with previous versions. However, fault resolutions and new features can, in some cases, result in changes to menus and prompts displayed by host and TCL utilities. Scripts which automate such utilities may therefore need to be reworked after upgrading or installing updates.

Download Northgate Driver


All of the software comprising this release is supplied on two downloadable ISO image files or two DVDs, with electronic versions of all documents (including this one).

Reality ISO image file/DVD

  • PDS History Tool
  • Reality
  • User Documentation
  • UNIX-Connect
  • Reality Remote Tape
  • PCSNI (client)
  • JReal (client)
  • RealSQL-JDBC Driver (client)
  • RealSQL-ODBC Driver (Windows client)
  • RealSQL-ODBC Driver (UNIX client)
  • RealWeb HTML
  • RealWeb Servlets
  • Reality Demonstration
  • RealWeb Demonstration
  • WinSNI Configuration Editor (client)
  • RealEdit (client)
  • Remote Basic ActiveX Control
  • TCP Bridge

Web Services ISO image file/DVD

  • Reality Web Services

Download Northgate Drivers License

Reality Website

Visit the Reality website at for:

Download Northgate Drivers

  • Product information (select Products).
  • Downloads (select Support > Downloads).
  • The latest documentation (select Products > On-line Reality Documentation).

    Reality is supplied with comprehensive on-line documentation for viewing in a web browser. Refer to the Document Directory in the on-line documentation for details. Note that the documentation is subject to change and it is essential that you have the latest version. You should regularly download this from the Reality website.

    We are constantly trying to improve the Reality documentation, so please send us your comments. Every topic in the documentation includes a link to a comment form.

  • Enquiries (select Contact us > Enquiries).