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– a user-friendly and robust drive system

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NORDIC Drive A-0 is a easy to use drive system for high speed roll doors.

A-0 has Vector-control designed to handle intensive operation allowing cycle times down to 20 seconds.

A user-friendly drive system – easy to install, serve och maintain. It's pre-programmed on delivery but additional programming can be done directly on the inverter display.

Intelligent Vector-inverter

This drive system contains no PLC, else the whole software package is located in an intelligent Vector converter. The software enables control of different operating conditions, different opening speeds, etc.

Start-up is easily carried out with the help from the push buttons controls. No special program module is needed.

As always when looking at NORDIC products, the NORDIC DRIVE has a very robust design with very few wear parts.

The drive unit is available in two sizes: FL 50–0,75 kW and FL 75–1,5 kW.

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Design/standard functions
  • Power supply 1x230V, 16A.

  • Control box in grey ABS, size 300x420x200 mm.

  • Adjustable speed up to 2 m/s, soft start/soft stop

  • Supervized safety edge

  • Automatic closing

  • Emergency stop

  • Forced closing

Standard information in the control
  • Safety edge status

  • Safety photocell status

Language options: swedish, english, dutch, danish.

Software options
  • Traffic light control (with alternative functions)

  • Interlocking

  • Remote control with position indication

Hardware options

Download Nordisk Drivers

  • Radio remote control

  • Loop control

  • Radar motion detectors

NORDIC door has long experience of drive system manufacturing where function and long product life-length is our goal.